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We are very please to present a new series of original discourses of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, which where kindly translated and given to us do distribute by Mohan Gaitonde (one of the original translators of Maharaj).

We will be continuingly uploading new discourses to this page, as well as commentaries by Stephen Wolinsky. We will also have available the discourses as CDs recordings for a small fee.

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The history of this project

During our last journey in India we had the honor to meet with many of the old Indian Maharaj's devotees and his two main translators, Mulappartan and Mohan Gaionde. We are sincerely humbled and deeply honored to have received from them precious, never released, audio, photo and video materials that have been safely guarded by them since Maharaj’s Samadhi.

We are aware of the existence of about 300 audio tapes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj discourses. Every book ever published about Maharaj was created by transcribing one or few of these tapes. We are now in possession of 89 tapes, 18 of which already translated by Mohan. The remaining 200 tapes are in the hand of an Indian book publisher.

Our objective is to collect all these tapes in a physical location, store them in more appropriate media format, restore, translate them and make them available for the benefit of all sincere seekers.

It’s an ambitious project and we intend to offer these tapes for free but we are sure you understand the costs implied in reaching our objective.

For that we ask you for a small donation (or a large one… ☺).

It is NOT a must, you can watch these material over and over at no cost, but if you feel in your heart that to restore, clean up, preserve and translate the words of this master is a right cause, please support us by sending whatever donation you think is right.


Zaya & Maurizio